0x01: Welcome to Shad0w Synd1cate!

Collin (Unkn0wn)

Founder of Shad0w Synd1cate

Welcome to Shad0w Synd1cate, we are so excited to have you here!
With the launch of our official Shad0w Synd1cate website, it is only right to start off with a simple welcome blog post to give you more context and background information about who and what we are, as well as answer some FAQs!

As you may have already guessed, we are a cybersecurity/hacker group based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. This group was founded by Collin Montenegro (Unkn0wn) and Alexander Delgado (Byt3) in 2017 in order to fill the void of an open cybersecurity/hacker group that Las Vegas had. We have been growing ever since and in such a short period of time, we have developed a strong and close knit community.

“The deepest knowledge we aspire, we are Shad0ws on the wire.”


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that will hopefully shed some more light on us:

What is our goal/vision?
Shad0w Synd1cate is committed to joining the Cyber Security and IT community in an effort to create a platform that enables growth in personal development, networking, and career progression, as well as helping to raise Cybersecurity awareness and providing a fun and open environment to learn and develop Cybersecurity and IT skills

What kind of events do we host?
We host a plethora of events from standard presentations, to hands-on workshops, guest speakers, CTF events, Hardware Hacking, and more!

What are “Shad0ws”?
Shad0ws is the fun name we give to our members. Instead of just calling everyone the boring name of “member” we like to keep it fun and call all of our members “Shad0ws”

Where do we host our events?
We host our events at the amazing Innevation facility!

What do I need to bring when I come to an event?
You aren’t required to bring anything however, it is highly recommended you bring a laptop in order to participant in the different workshops and events we hold.

How do I join?
There is no fee, sign up process, or sacrificial offering (lol) that needs to be provided. This group is completely open to the community, just come to our events and you are automatically a part of us! If you want to stay on the up and up for future events, we recommend you subscribe to our email list and/or follow our meetup page at: https://www.meetup.com/Cyber-Security-and-IT-Computer-Group-of-Las-Vegas/

Does the group use any form of communication/IM platform?
Yes we do! We have our own Slack space which we use to collaborate and share information. If you are interested in joining our Slack space, send an email to administrators@shad0wsynd1cate.org.

We want to thank you again for your interest in our group! We hope to see you at our events and we look forward to learning and growing with you and all the other fellow shad0ws!

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